A Lesson Learnt Of My Home’s First Aid Kit

Just the day before, one of my family members had a nasty fall while heading home at around midnight. It was a genuine trip and fall case where she fell, scrapped both her knees and legs, and scratched her palms when trying to break the fall. The fall was so bad that she couldn’t stand and had to call home for help. Fortunately she fell just a car park across our block and I managed to help her home.

Another problem arise when I retrieved the first aid kit. Inside were expired items and boxes of plasters for paper cuts type of injury. Nearby convenient stores like 7-11, Cheers and even the 24-7 Mama Shop didn’t have items like gauze swab, disinfectant lotion and antiseptic lotion.

Falls where scraps and bruises are most likely to happen in one’s lifetime but we do not have the necessary first aid items at home. I’m shocked at how ill-prepared my family was. The next morning I made sure to restock my first aid kit and to properly maintain it, the next check will be in 2018 Q1.

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