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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has been a hair pulling screaming experience since it launched a day earlier before planned date. I’ve received countless “communication error” on the day it launched (as well as the next few days after but I bit the bullet and kept trying to load the game. When my friend and I realized that Pocket Camp was loading slower than the games in 3DS, we laughed over it but nevertheless continued playing. Now that more than a week has passed and the technical aspects of the game have been vastly improved, I’m having a blast in-game.

Sharing below some noteworthy tips that I have discovered so far.

Connect To My Nintendo, Facebook And Twitter For Freebies

  • Go to More>My Nintendo to connect/create a Nintendo account.
  • Under My Nintendo>Rewards, scroll all the way down to collect your free 50 Leaf Tickets (one time only).
  • Under My Nintendo>Missions, the missions reset on a weekly basis. Be sure to collect nintendo points every week (trade in points for rewards under rewards section).
  • Link your Facebook and Twitter accounts to collect freebies. Go to More>Friends>Add Friend>Scroll all the way down to “Link an app to find more friends”. PS: You can un-link from your social media after collecting your freebies.

Craft And Upgrade All Amenities

  • Craft as many different amenities, rotate the amenities building schedule whenever you can, and keep upgrading them. Don’t worry about building over a spot that another amenity is occupying as you can always place an amenity that you have crafted back again once you’re done.
  • Be very stingy with essence and cotton, they’re always never enough.

Get All Friendship Points

  • The key to leveling up your player level is to level up friendship levels with as many animals as possible.
  • Fulfilling a request grants you +2 friendship points and when you choose the 2nd option just to speak to them, you will either get +1 or +2 friendship points (random).
  • Don’t forget to speak and complete the requests of all the animals at your campsite.

Know Your Trees

  • Fruits will re-grow every 3 hrs and you can leave a set of fruits on the ground while the current batch grows.
  • There is a total of 10 fruit trees (3 coconut, 2 orange, 2 apple, 1 cherry, 1 peach and 1 pear), 4 trees for insects and 7 regular trees. [3-Jan-2018 Updates: Each player has different types of fruit trees in the top left island. Be sure to know which are the two additional fruit trees that you have]
  • The 7 regular trees (without fruits and insects) occasionally drop bells when you shake them.

Know Your Daily Reset Timings

  • Your Timed Goals and ShovelstrikeShake Your Trees Quarry resets daily. Mine resets at my local timing 2pm, what’s yours?
  • Claim your daily log-in bonus as there’s something cool to collect every 10 days (on the 10th day).
  • The map refreshes every 3 hours with different animals.

Complete Animal’s Requests Over Listing Items

  • Ensure that you have more than enough rares (black bass, red snapper, horned dynastid, etc) in your inventory before selling away as the animals occasionally demand for them.
  • When given a choice to list/sell or to complete an animal’s request, always complete the animal’s requests because they pay you market price and you get craft items (like paper, cotton, wood, etc) as rewards.

Wait For The Right Time For Shovelstrike Quarry

  • Start sending “Get Help from Friends” requests as soon as Shovelstrike Quarry resets.
  • Reward changes every 3 hours, always restart app to check.
  • Wait around for your desired reward to appear before entering as you can only enter and collect rewards once per day. Rewards like a particular essence for example, is worth waiting for. Check back every 3 hours to see whether it is an essence that you are looking for. I usually do not enter the quarry for wood, steel or coins.

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