Pocket Camp Tips II

Happy 2018 to all Pocket Campers! It has been a series of partying and celebrations for the past few weeks as Christmas and New Year was a blast. Lots of eating and laughter, while games and blogging were well forgotten. Now that some time have passed and our camps are much more established, here are some other tips that I have further discovered along the way.

Max Your Inventory Slots

  • As of end Jan 2018, max inventory space is 250. If you haven’t done it yet, max it now so that you can hold more items.

Max Your Crafting Slots

  • You can craft 1 Amenity and 3 Furniture concurrently. Seriously where else can you spend your leaf tickets on if not on maxing your inventory and crafting slots?

Do Not Invite All The Animals To Campsite

  • Craft all required furniture so that you are able to invite them over when you want to BUT leave them on standby. Do NOT invite them over yet.
  • Invite animals over when there are mission rewards (eg: Leaf Tickets) for doing so. It has been a while since the last mission was held and hopefully there will be another soon when new animals are introduced.

Complete All Stretched Goals

  • The reward is leaf tickets for completing some of them. Since it’s free, grab them.

Never Stop Crafting

  •  Do not neglect the Fence, Flooring, and Carpet sections. The fence section will deplete your wood supply, the floor section your paper supply and the carpet section will deplete your cotton. Did I forget to mention that some of the items require a ridiculous long amount of time to craft?
  • Now that there is a new section for Clothes, craft them all!

Craft Amenities First Before Completing Animal’s Special Request

  • Craft Amenity first as it takes a longer time (some even up to 72 hours) and requires more essence per upgrade. Benefits from upgrading Amenity is that animal’s max friendship level can increase, which will in turn allow your player level to increase. When your player level increases, you get free bells, 10 Leaf Tickets and 1 Request Ticket.
  • Animals will reward a Calling Card and a Request Ticket whenever their special request is fulfilled. Work on their special requests after you’re done with the amenities or when you have the essence to spare.

Join An Animal Crossing Community

The perks of joining an animal crossing community in social media is countless. Like minded campers interacting, sharing tips and helping one another. That is where all the active players/friends who will “Lend A Hand” to get you into Shovelstrike Quarry, who will water your garden without qualms and who will provide the necessary support and encouragement.

Positive reasons for befriending active players:

  • “Lend A Hand” to get you into the quarry.
  • Water your garden.
  • Cross-pollinate your flowers to get you friendship powder.
  • Have useful items in their market listing instead of those rare exorbitant priced fishes for show-off.
  • Assist in completing missions. Remember the tough to complete Topaz and Diamond butterflies event? If you had an active community who were sharing butterflies, completing certain missions would have been easier.

Lastly, show some kudos and add me as friend. (;

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